Bubble Tea in NYC


6360375944833533371841129422_bubbleteaDuring this past semester some friends and I made our way out to New York City to visit another friend that lives there. We were all on spring break and thought it would be a great idea to drive out there for a day to see a fellow Bonnie.

While we were there we got to go to a place that sells bubble tea. Never having tried bubble tea before I was pretty excited.

Bubble tea comes in many different flavors and has little squishy balls, aka tapioca, in it. I was a little sketched out about that since I’m skeptical of trying new things. Either way, it was exciting.

So we got to the bubble tea place and it was time to order. Since I’m picky, I stuck with the familiar flavor of vanilla, just to be safe. My friends all got different flavors.

Bubble tea soon became my new favorite addiction. I love it. It tastes great. That tapioca I was nervous about? I liked it. There is however an option to get bubble tea without it, but is it really bubble tea without the “bubbles?” Nope. It is not.

Since that trip, I’ve made trips to the local froyo shop in Olean many times for more bubble tea. I cannot get enough of it. The only negative is that it’s a little pricey. It’s about $4, but it’s definitely worth trying if you haven’t yet. I would highly recommend grabbing some friends and going on a hunt for this yummy treat!


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