Spring Weekend at Bona’s

St. Bonaventure has it own less chaotic version of Fred Fest. This event is campus sponsored and there’s yummy food and fun activities.

When I first heard of this event I had heard its a weekend where everyone on campus drinks all weekend long. Well, this wasn’t anything new, or at least I thought. Anyone I had asked had said the same thing, so when I acquired a menu for food and a list of activities for each day, I had a better idea of what the event was.

Yes, everyone was very drunk all weekend long, and by this I mean from the moment they woke up until they passed out or got into trouble. For those of us not getting day drunk, we took the time to actually take in any and all events and enjoyed ourselves making memories that we would be sure to remember, and not have to be told about the next day.

There was zip lining, bull riding, and an inflatable obstacle course. There were also a selection of novelty foods such as candy caramel apples and fried dough or Oreos. I was also able to take photo booth pictures with friends for keepsakes. In order to participate, or get food, as long as you used your ID to get wristbands for food and activities, everything was free! Who wouldn’t want to participate in something that’s free and fun!

St. Bonaventure did a really good job of putting this event together. I am excited for Spring Weekend next year with all my friends. It was fun, a little crazy, and good memories were made.


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