Buzzfeed is Where it’s at!

Lately I have discovered some extremely funny and cute animal videos made by Buzzfeed, of course. If I didn’t already love Buzzfeed enough, I love it way more now.

They started making a series of videos of animals and their thoughts in regards to their humans. The first one I saw was the one about the anxious puppy. It was adorable and I have watched it a bunch of times since.

I thought that was the only one that they were going to make but then I discovered a few more and they are the best things by Buzzfeed so far. They’re funny, cute, and probably accurate to be quite honest. I can easy relate these videos to my own dog. He follows me everywhere and is my best friend.

The videos feature puppies, and I have seen one with a cat. Instead of trying explain them I’ll leave you with some examples.



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