My Piercing Experiences


So I wrote about my tattoo experience and I decided that I might as well write about my piercing experiences as well. I only actually have two piercings, but both experiences were really good.

I decided to get both of my piercings done at True Blue in Fredonia, New York. The name of the piercer there is Killy and he is great at his job. He talks you through the whole process and even offers a sucker when all is said and done.

My first piercing with him was my left nostril. I was very nervous but super excited. He brought out a variety of studs to choose from. There were a lot of colors but I chose my favorite color; blue.

From here he opened everything up right in front of me. Everything was very clean and professional. I was pretty impressed and I don’t trust anyone else to be putting metal in my body. The actual piercing itself was very quick and easy. It was almost painless. I felt more pain after than I did at the actual time of the piercing.

My last piercing was my belly button. I was a bit more nervous for this one because it was a bigger hollow needle and a lot more skin was being punctured. Turns out that this one was painless too. Killy was consistent. I got to pick from variety of color of belly button rings. This time I went with red.This piercing bled for some time after, but it wasn’t profusely bleeding. The bleeding was as minimal as it gets.

Both of the piercings I received here were great experiences. It was a clean, friendly environment and I definitely would recommend or even go there again myself. My piercings have healed very well and I’m happy with both of them and their turnouts.



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