Why Wax Warmers Are Important In A College Dorm Room


For the first half of the year, I didn’t think much about how stuffy and sometimes smelly it got in my dorm room. It was like this in my friends’ room as well. We discovered the magic of wax warmers.

At Bona’s we aren’t allowed to have candles, incense, or anything that required a flame and created smoke. Never had I really considered a wax warmer. I’m not even sure that I knew they were a thing.

Shortly before leaving for Christmas break, we had a movie night in another friend’s room and I noticed that she had a wax warmer. Her room smelled wonderful! This is when I decided to invest.

On my Christmas list, I asked my mom for a wax warmer and I actually got one. I was excited because the thing is, sometimes there is a funny smell in your room that you just can’t seem to pinpoint. The smell could be your side, or on your roommates side. You never know.

This is a better investment than room spray because the spray wears off pretty quickly. You can spray and spray to no avail. With a wax warmer, the smell actually lingers for as long as the wax is melting or melted. When that wax wears out, all you do is replace it with fresh wax!

On top of wax warmers making your room smell wonderful, they can also be a great addition to decorating. They come in all sorts of designs. There’s also so many different scents to choose from.

Not only would I recommend these in a dorm room, but also in any room around your house. They don’t cost a lot of money either. I would highly recommend a wax warmer to just about anyone.


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