Looking at Poetry

Instead of reviewing something today, I decided I’ll give an example of my friends blog.

This piece of work is called Sea Shell.

If you like her work, you can check out more at trulynorth.wordpress.com


I am a sea shell.

Empty at best.

People adore me so I must be loved. I must be well. But all people love is just my shell.

You see my hard outer, but on the inside I’m screaming, I’m shouting to be set free.

A shining outside hides the raging sea in me.

But you can only hear how trapped I am when you hold me close enough.

Look me in the eyes and tell me you can see my soul.

Look at my heart and tell me it’s whole.

Surrounded by friends, people think you must be doing great, but beautiful people hide beautiful lies.

I have a habit of feeling most alone when I’m surrounded by people

They hide that you’re dead inside.

And we’re all just little seashells, lined up along this lonely ocean.

Empty at best, because that seems the only time people want to pick you up.


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