Pets Have Secret Lives?


Today I took a break from my busy life to watch some Netflix. I found that The Secret Life of Pets is now on Netflix and I was a little more than excited.

I can’t lie, I’m a fan of movies that are more children oriented and I’ve considered renting this movie on my Apple TV for a while now. My little sister was able to watch it while I was away for college and I was jealous. I’m not even kidding.

So I watched it. It was a pretty great movie and I’m definitely watching it again. It was soo cute!

I wont spoil anything, but the hero of the story was a female and I liked that a lot. I feel like it’s usually the girl getting into trouble and the male having to save her. It was nice to see some girl power for a change. There’s even a kick ass fight scene!

There were some sad parts though, but that comes with every movie. There can’t be a good story without a tear jerker or two, at least in my opinion.

During the movie, I noticed there were a lot of things going on, but the way the movie played out, it wasn’t at all hard to follow. Everything that was happening related and eventually all came together in the end.

Overall it was a really good movie, as I mentioned before. I hope my dog doesn’t party when I’m not home though. I might be angry, or jealous. He’s a good boy though, and that’s not realistic as far as I’m concerned.

Since this is a family movie, I would most definitely recommend it to families. I would also just recommend it to anyone honestly. I watched it all on my own and I’m almost 19!

Fun fact: there’s a scene after the credits, so if you do watch it stay tuned for that! It’s funny, I promise! I hope you enjoy!


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