Going Healthy For The Win!


Recently I decided that I needed to start being healthier, which is hard to do in college since there’s only so much campus has to offer, and then healthy food costs money. So I decided to invest.

I started cutting things like pop and sweets out of my diet a week ago from today. I also started to put chia seeds in things like oatmeal and applesauce. At first, I felt hungry literally all the time. When I felt hungry I just snacked on something like carrots and ranch, or grapes. This helped a little.

Once I started getting used to eating healthy, I noticed less and less the feeling of being hungry. I guess it’s just something that you get used to, or your body adjusts to it.

Another thing I started to doing was starting my day with hot tea. My favorite is green tea, as it helps with fat loss and boosts your metabolism. I found that this is great start to my day since I do not like coffee at all.

I went through my food supply and gave away things I had like pop tarts and Velveeta mac n cheese to my friends. My friends have been supportive through the whole going healthy process as well. They did however buy pizzas on Friday and saying no to the pizza was a challenge.

My overall goal with going healthy is to drop some weight and to just actually be healthy in general. It’s something I had wanted to do for a while, but I just never pushed myself to do it.


Since last week, I have been feeling a lot better. I feel more energized and I’m more motivated than I was when I first started. I’m also just more motivated to do things in general, like homework and studying.

I see being healthy doing positive things for me and I hope to get in shape and be more active. Soon I’ll be getting a Fitbit and that will only encourage me more, or at least I’m hoping. I feel good about it though.

Being healthier is entirely up to you, and your pocket. You do whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy. Remember, every human is God’s creation and we are all beautiful beings of nature. Being happy is the most important thing, who cares what anyone else says!


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