My Freshman Year Experience as a Bonnie

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Going to college is different, and definitely scary if you’re going away for it. Welp, I chose St. Bonaventure University and I love it here.

Making friends was probably the hardest part for me. It seemed that everyone had friends right away. At first I could not find a fitting friend group. I began to worry and thought I just couldn’t make friends, turns out they lived just two doors away from me.

It took a few months, but I found my group. We joking called ourselves the Rob 1 Rejects because the people on our floor thought we were weird, or different. The truth is, we’re all a little weird and that’s why we all make great friends.

Getting used to being away from home is another challenge I faced, but everyone goes through this. For me, it was a little harder because it took me a while to find the right friends. I fought through it and stayed on campus though. Things eventually got better. Being away from home will never really be easy, its just something that you have to get used to. Some people love it, but others hate it.

Image result for st bonaventure university wolf packOne of the best experiences I’ve had at Bona’s would have to be the basketball games. A lot of people get drunk, but I just go with friends. Being a part of the Wolf Pack is amazing. It’s an indescribable experience. It’s loud, rowdy, and packed. Plus, we get SBU Bowls if a lot of students attend! (not that they’re all too great though)

The parties? I personally never had a great experience with them, and I’m not really a drinker either. They look exciting, but that’s just not my crowd. I honestly don’t know how people go out every weekend either, especially in the winter. That would get old, at least I think.

All together though, being a Bonnie is amazing. The people are great, the small campus and small classes are great too because it’s a way better learning experience than having a class with 100 people and only being a number.

Freshman year for me had plenty of challenges, and it was a smack in the face, but I made it. Finals are coming up and I am so excited for what next semester has to offer. I see so many changes in myself from when I was a senior in high school. I grew up.

Fall semester, and living on the same floor with all my friends next year is going to be great and I absolutely cannot wait!

Go Bonnies, go Bonnies, go!


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