Beauty Products For Free? Sign Me Up!


One day I was exploring my campus’s art center and I get an email from my mom offering a free glam bag from ipsy. My first response was “I don’t even use makeup and I’m low maintenance so why would I want this? Plus, it’s some sort of subscription.” Well, I decided to check it out, I mean the word “free” was involved and my mom sent it to me, so why not?

So I get started to make an account and filled out a survey. The survey was truly the interesting part to me. It asked what type of skin I had, what color my eyes were, my hair, what type of hair I had and so much more about me. Then it asked about what beauty products I use or liked. I had little to no experience here, so I just picked what I was more familiar with like Mac, or Mary Kay (not that I purchase anything from these brands because they are quite expensive).

Before I knew it I was filling out my debit card information and committing to a subscription. Here’s the thing though, I didn’t have to continue subscribing in order to get my free glam bag. Ipsy wasn’t going to charge my card until the end of the month, which would be by the time I had received my glam bag. By then I would be able to decide whether or not I liked the products, and what ipsy was sending me.

I never really explained what a glam bag is. In the glam bag, there are 10 items personalized to fit your needs based on what ipsy concludes from the survey. It could include face wash, makeup, makeup brushes, hair products and so on. It all depends on you and your needs. What’s better than a bag personalized with products for just you?


A month later, I received my glam bag. I was pretty impressed. I can’t recall everything it came with, but I did find two of the items very useful. I did however cancel my subscription, only because I’m broke and I pay for Apple Music and Hulu already. Shout out to my mom for taking care of other expenses for me while I’m in college!

I have very thin hair, and the ends break easy, so ipsy sent me a hair mask. Honestly, I have yet to use it, but I definitely will soon. I also have oily skin, so they sent a face wash to suit my needs! I haven’t used that either. However, both of the bottles are trial sizes, since ipsy can only give so much. That’s alright though, free is free and beggars cant be choosers, especially broke college students.

If you want your glam bag, you can receive it for $10 a month. If you would like to check it out click this link —->

This is product I would definitely recommend.


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