13 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Shitting On This Show


Alright, so I don’t actually have 13 reasons, nor do I have tapes, but stop saying that this show is petty, glorifying and so on.

Recently I have seen people posting about how this Netflix original is horrible, and shouldn’t be on Netflix, and that Hannah is petty and so on. Well here’s the thing, you’re wrong, or at least I, and a lot of others would say that.

Bullying is a real and serious topic and many of us endure bullying throughout high school. Suicide is real too and that’s not only a fact, but it is not changing. Teenagers are mean and cruel and that’s the truth.

Take away the fact that Hannah has already committed suicide and take away the fact that she made tapes before doing so. Now we have a new girl who is trying to make friends in a new school during her high school years. If being in high school as a teenage girl isn’t already hard enough, then being labeled a slut and having everything go downhill from there only makes things harder.

Let’s start from the beginning, Hannah has a crush on a guy and he gives her a first kiss. He then sneaks a picture that isn’t even as dirty as the show makes it out to be (it’s a picture of her on a slide showing her granny panties under her skirt). He then does an awful thing and shows his friends who then take his phone to send the picture that circulates and she is labeled a slut. Honestly, I would have taken that to the police all though I wouldn’t consider it child pornography, but this isn’t the point. The point is that this girl is being horribly bullied before anyone truly gets to know her.

This label affects her life pretty much until she commits suicide. It ruins her friendships, gets her put into inappropriate situations, makes her a target and convinces people that she is “easy.” By watching the show, it is evident that she does not “put out” and certainly does not deserve any of the treatment that she gets.


The way I see it, the point of the show isn’t to show some petty dead girl that wants to make everyone feel miserable that she’s dead. Also, the tapes are not petty, they are the equivalent of a suicide note, but no one ever gets to read those except a select few. She used the tapes in the form of a suicide note and in a way that people would hear her version of a suicide note, as she most likely knew that if she put it in the form of a note, her side of the story would have never surfaced. She was a smart girl.

Before hearing any of the tapes, everyone involved should have felt guilty and been concerned long before hearing them. They bullied this poor girl into committing suicide. They bullied her into hating life so much that she needed to die in order to escape. They did so many fucked up things to this girl and didn’t even think twice about it until they heard their tapes. How wrong is that? The scary thing is that THIS DOES HAPPEN and that is EXACTLY what this show is trying to tell you.

Moral of the story is, be nice to people, get to know them before you judge them and be open minded. Everyone has a story, their own story. Know both sides, or better yet, stick up for someone. All 13 Reasons Why was trying to show is that suicide is a real thing; it displayed that one thing leads to another and then someone may be dead.

The TV show is showing the brutal truth behind suicide and if you can’t handle that, then don’t watch the show. Nothing is being “glorified.”





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