My Tattoo Adventure


College is all about new experiences, right? So last semester I decided to get my very first tattoo.

One quickly turned into three and hiding things from my mom. She now knows of all three tattoos that I have, so I can write this freely.

My first tattoo was more of an experiment. Don’t get me wrong, it is something that I wanted to get, but it was also experimental. It was the make or break of whether or not I would get more tattoos. Well I did and I love them.

My first time going to Skin Deep, in Olean, NY, was awkward and strange. I honestly had no idea what I was doing, or how the process proceeded. The people there were nice and welcoming and I figured things out. The great thing was that before the guy started to tattoo my back, he let me feel how the needle would feel on my skin by using it without ink. From there, the whole process took maybe an hour from start to finish. My first tattoo was a small mandala arrow on my spine facing the up and down direction. It was quick, easy and bearable.

My second tattoo was on my calf, an elephant that I had wanted as a tattoo since forever. Surprisingly, it hurt a whole lot more than my first tattoo. Once again, the process was quick and easy. They had me in and out within an hour again.

My most recent tattoo is on my ankle, under my elephant. I was able to get a deal on this one since I had wanted to get it at the same time as the elephant but could not afford it. Touch ups at Skin Deep are free the first time you go, and for my touch up on my elephant I was able to add my bow anklet tattoo for only $30.

Overall my experiences getting tattoos at Skin Deep have all been positive. The service is great and the people working there are good at what they do. It’s a happy and friendly environment. Also, tattoos are certainly not for everyone, so if you plan on putting ink permanently into your skin, make sure you are in love with it and know you won’t regret it, and if you aren’t a tattoo person, don’t judge others who do like tattoos. The way I see it is that your body is a canvas and it’s up to you and only you on how that canvas is painted.


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