iPhone to Android to iPhone, Again.


Wayy back when I had an iPhone 4, no S, just the 4, my life was miserable and I decided I needed a change. I made the switch to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and thought I would never go back. Well, here I am with the iPhone 7 Plus and happy as can be.

There’s a reason that Apple is so popular, and everywhere you go you will always see more iPhones than androids. Apple is truly the best.

If you’re someone who likes personalization, an android may be for you. I like personalization, but and android just had too much going on and I got plenty of viruses. It was always a challenge figuring out something, and I was always finding something new out about the phone. For me, I think simple is better.

All though I hated the iPhone when I had it the first time, I was more sick and tired of my android phone and made the decision to switch back. I was shocked by how much Apple improved its technology. I was in love. Everything was easy, simple, and I had no problem getting used to the phone.

The camera was of course amazing too. I thought my android camera was good, but iPhones do nothing but get better. iMessage was a treat too. I absolutely love using it. You can play games, send confetti and so on. There’s honestly so much about the iPhone to love and to talk about. What I will say is that I would highly recommend this device to pretty much anyone. It’s worth it.


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