Hulu-Hooping to Catch-up


So today, I decided that I needed to have a Hulu account. As of right now, I have a month for a free trial so I suppose we’ll see how this goes.

So far, so good. I like it. I can tell that I will get my use out of it, as I am sick of spoilers and waiting on Netflix to be in the know. What prompted me to make this decision is the fact that I’m nearing the end of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, and its up to date on Hulu.

I got my account and I got to exploring. Holy throwbacks. I can re watch shows from my childhood, catch up on TV shows I haven’t watched in years, keep up with current TV shows and even get back into anime.

Honestly, I do think I would be okay with having just Netflix, and I can tell by looking through Hulu that Netflix is better. If I had to choose one, I would go with Netflix. The reason being for this is that Hulu does have TV shows the day after they air, but they are shows like Grey’s Anatomy that they don’t have the show from start to current. I don’t like that at all. I would much rather have the beginning of a show – especially if I plan on starting it and never having seen it before.

Hulu also doesn’t have as many TV show options, or at least not all the TV shows I watch. Hulu doesn’t have TV shows like The Walking Dead, or Reign so I will have to continue relying on Netflix for those shows. I’ll also have to rely on Netflix and Family Videos for movies as well. Hulu also doesn’t have a big selection there either, but this is understandable due to it being more TV show oriented.

This may have been a dangerous idea for me, only a few weeks away from finals week – BUT it’ll be okay.



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