Decorating Made Easy!


Bland walls? Don’t feel like painting and grown out of those old posters from your childhood? Well I think that I know how to fix that.

Not too long a go I made a frivolous purchase; I decided to buy myself a tapestry. Now, for a broke college student who isn’t home enough to say, some may think this purchase is silly – I don’t. I fell in love with my tapestry.

The tapestry I purchased was actually only around $13 and then some for shipping. It wasn’t a bad price at all for something so vibrant and beautiful. It really brings my bedroom together.

With the purchase, I was able to proudly get rid of posters I’ve had for years without any guilt. I can honestly say that it was relieving because I was starting to feel stuck in my childhood. This wasn’t ideal for me because I was trying to grow up and move on from the past that is my childhood. For me, it was kind of like taking a step forward with my life and leaving the last.

Because I can’t bring my tapestry away with me to college, I get where it was a bad idea. BUT it really was worth buying. It wasn’t an expensive purchase, and it brought along a positive, bright change to my room. If you think you may need/want a tapestry, check out the link to the one I bought –

It truly was a great way for me to make my bedroom look peaceful and relaxing. Highly recommend.


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