Apple TV and Chill


And by chill I do not mean what you think. What I mean is Netflix!! That’s my main use for my 3rd generation Apple TV. When I made the purchase, the newer version was an option… but not for my broke self, so I settled with the older version and that’s okay! It’s okay because I don’t really play games or anything on my phone, so why would I have a need for apps and such on my TV?

An Apple TV is much like a Roku, but I’m an Apple fan so I went with Apple of course. I mainly use my TV for Netflix, but there are many different channels you can watch. If you like sports, you can stream them live, or if you missed a game you can go back and watch it, or it’s highlights.

Another neat thing I like about my Apple TV is that I can play my music from my phone on my TV. It’s great for when I’m cleaning or simply just relaxing. Also, since none of the TV’s in my house are smart TV’s, I am able to bring my Apple TV to any room I want to use it and watch TV.

It’s a great device for family bonding too! You can rent or buy movies to watch, or you can share videos you find on the internet and stream them on the TV for everyone to see.

It was definitely worth the money spent and I would highly recommend this to Apple fanatics, or anyone who doesn’t have a smart TV, or a Roku.


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