Beauty and the Best Movie of 2017

beautyandthebeast-1280-1488832002861_400wLast week I found time in my busy college student life to see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and I’ll tell you what, it is definitely worth watching. From beginning to end I was engaged and amazed. Disney did a wonderful job with this movie.

One thing I enjoyed the most was how Disney incorporated the musical into this movie. Because of this, the story truly came alive and I had more information than I did from Disney’s original animated movie. The whole story is better than the partial story the animated movie presented. Adding the musical, I was presented with a full story – tear jerkers and all. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always love the original, but the live action movie was phenomenal.

Let’s just talk about Emma Watson for a minute. She did a truly amazing job as Belle. She’s a beautiful and talented actress. Though most of you know her as Hermione, I do not so seeing her in a big movie like this is a treat and maybe I will watch the Harry Potter movies. Also, the dress she designed for herself was beautifully done. I was truly impressed with her.

Moving on to other characters, Disney included a gay character and I was delighted to see this. It was great and I’m so glad it happened. 170301_bb_lefou-crop-promo-xlarge2 The actors for the main character cast did a fantastic job in depicting the characters from the animated movie.

I would highly recommend this this movie to people of all ages, to anyone basically. Find time to go and see it and you will enjoy yourself! That is a promise!


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