Kettle or Keurig?

91bau-7r72l-_sl1500_Recently I made the discovery of electric tea kettles. This was exciting for me since I have so many uses for it that I use my roommates Keurig for. So I made the decision to buy one and here’s how it made life easier, and cheaper!

Keurigs are close to $100 or over this price, and K cups are pricey as well. My electric kettle was $19.99 on amazon. For being relatively cheap, it works well and lights up while it’s boiling water, which is more exciting than it seems.

An electric kettle works for college students just as well, or even better than Keurig. For example, the first thing I did was shove a block of Ramen in my kettle and boiled water. Welp, sadly I would have to say that the ramen cooker is a better tool for cooking ramen. However, I have been able to quickly and efficiently make hot chocolate and plenty of other teas since I’ve had my kettle. It’s also a joy to watch it light up as it boils.

This electric kettle is perfect for college students, especially the broke ones. If you’re interested in buying one, here’s a link to the one that I purchased –

Totally worth it!


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