Icky Hickey? I think so!



Here at Bona’s, we have our great little dining hall, The Hickey. It’s actually not great, at all.

When first visiting Bona’s, I was fooled. Students told me when I was visiting that the Hickey only had good food on special occasions, or only once in a while. I didn’t believe them because it was good when I was there (on one of those special occasions). It turns out that this happens to be the truth. However, the Hickey does have its days when the options are good and the food is okay.

All though the Hickey has good days, it has more bad days than not. The potatoes are scary, and the pizza is something else. Describing the food probably isn’t a great idea, but you get the point. Some days you’ve just got to hit up the pasta bar, or make a salad because everything else looks rather unappetizing.

No worries though if you’re looking into Bona’s! There’s always cereal, waffles, sandwiches, toast, bagels, and salad! Also, the breakfast isn’t all that bad, there’s omelets!

Though the food may not be all that great, there’s always something else you can eat, no worries to future Bonnies. We all moan and groan because we have to live with it, I’m sure it’s the same anywhere else!


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