Fastest way to cook Ramen? Okay!

Being a college student I believe this product to be vital, as I often times find myself making ramen. The first few weeks of college I avoided the task because our kitchen did not have a pot for me to boil water in to make my ramen. I know I could break it up and use a bowl in the microwave, but I prefer not to do that because I like the noodles the way that they are. About three weeks into college I saw someone use this to make ramen and I decided I needed it so bought one as soon as I could.

Of course after I made the purchase, the first thing I did was test it out. It was probably the best $3 I’ve spent since being here at Bonas. I was able to have my ramen cooked and ready in under three minutes without the pain of watching a pot of water, and waiting forever for it to boil.

This is a good investment if you’re lazy, don’t like breaking up your block of ramen, or are a college student who doesn’t own a pot to boil water with. These can be found at Walmart for about $3. All you do is put your ramen in the container, fill the water to the line, and stick it in the microwave for about two and half to three minutes and bam, ramen. I’d say it’s worth the purchase!




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